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Exciting news!! Sifu David Peterson is flying in all the way from Malaysia to teach a Wing Chun seminar! Space is limited so click here to sign up now!!


Welcome to Greenville Academy of Martial Arts. Our mission is to provide Elite Level Self Defense Training in a safe and fun environment. Our school has been serving Upstate families since 1994 and our success has been due to our wonderful instructors and the unbelievable students we have been blessed to work with.

Our Focus

Our main focus is on self defense, self control, and character. We are not a "competition" school where you are taught to spar for points in tournaments. We teach Kung Fu, namely Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. Bruce Lee and Ip Man recognized and utilized the absolute best methods for keeping yourself safe. Through your training with us, we want to help you reach a point of confidence and competence with your skills. You should not only be able to stand your ground, but also have the wisdom to walk away if it is not absolutely necessary to fight. We want to help each and every student reach their greatest potential!

Learn More

Please call or stop in for more information or try our classes for one week - for FREE! We want educated consumers! Check out our informational "Programs" pages to find out more about the types of adult's and children's classes we offer.

We look forward to working with you soon!


Sifu Jason Korol